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We repair and give technical service to all types of equipment of any brand with a guarantee policy



Our goal is to advise each person in the correct use of equipment and products, to meet their tanning expectations as well as licensing the use of their brands, training and technical assistance, providing safety, hygiene and efficiency, all this without leaving aside the human aspect. During the validity of the franchise contract WITHOUT PAYMENT OF ROYALTIES.

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We present the first and only hydromassage system. Aquafrixio offers massages aimed at the muscles through its innovative water and air technology. This whirlpool system allows you to personalize your massages, as well as privacy to remain fully dressed.

Enjoy a relief massage with AquaFrixio

  • Hydromassage system
  • Personalized massage
  • Low maintenance
  • Uses 6.4 square meters of space
  • It works 24/7 without supervision